PlanShell offers redmine hosting service based on amazon cloud servers (USA) . Amazon Cloud together with automatic daily-backup with a week history gives our customers a highly reliable service. AGILE charts, GANTT charts, subversion repository, advanced GIT repository are some professional features which we offer to boost up your business. Also all our plans are unlimited users and projects


REDMINE, an issue-tracking & project-management tool is an open source platform which offers multiple project-management opportunities including the subprojects associated with those. It facilitates wikis (per-project) & forums, time-tracking opportunities and flexible controlling options based on roles. The Gantt charts as well as calendars ensure the proper visual representation of the projects together with their respective deadlines. Repository browser, diff viewer together with different control systems of different versions are integrated here!


Why Going for PlanShell Redmine Hosting?

  • Smooth pricing system (Unlimited projects & users).
  • Toughest configuration to ensure a strongest security.
  • Automated backup of all customer data (Unlimited volume)
  • Amazon Clouding System facilitates smooth performance as well as reliability.
  • GIT & SUBVERSION repository creation is supported by PlanShell REDMINE.
  • Amazing Features.
  • Astounding themes are offered by PlanShell REDMINE (Mobile browser supported as well)
  • Free configuration of the restriction of IP White-list.
  • After the test run by us, any plugin are open to be added on request.


Redmine General Features

  • Facilitates multiple project tracking.
  • Flexible access control based on roles is supported.
  • Issue-tracking system is included.
  • Gantt & Calendars are added.
  • File-management, documents as well as news are integrated.
  • Email notification and web-feeds are allowed.
  • Per-project wiki & forums are supported.
  • Time tracking system with utmost simplicity.
  • Custom filed options for time entries, issues, users and others.
  • 34 languages are supported.


GanTT Chart

No project management without Gantt chart, It is a bar chart that helps the project leaders and all the stakeholders to make a project schedule in an ease way, So what PlanShell is offering you here? , we are offering you the Easy Gantt feature which will give you amazing benefits

Gantt chart


Contacts Management

Now you can access any necessary information about the contacts you need. What is more, you will see all related information from the other plugins – like background info, issues, orders, products, tickets or projects in which contact is accessible. Moreover, you can assign different level of visibility and access to the same contact in various projects



Integrated GIT & SVN

Your code is your assets, don’t put them in a risk, using our integrated GIT & SVN hosting Feature will make your code much secure, PlanShell is offering to your business a secure GIT & SVN hosting service, it allows a straightforward management for your repositories within our system.



Invoices Management

Create, track and export your invoices with customizable templates and PDF format with multicurrency support and localization for many languages you can invoice international clients effortlessly plus managing recurring invoices and billing easily, with automated invoice generation and sending functionality in addition to applying taxes and discounts.



Agile Support

Agile management refers to an iterative, incremental method of managing the design and build activities of engineering, information technology and other business areas that aim to provide new product or service development in a highly flexible and interactive manner, Indeed agile become almost the default software development methodology for many international companies, From this point on PlanShell is offering the agile feature which offer to your business a lot of benefits




In heavy load work , we are doing a lot of tasks in many different projects , Our minds can drop things , so PlanShell is offering you a nice feature to help you to don't forget things , it is the easy checklists feature ,it is simple feature but effective to your business and also for your progess , you going to enjoy a lot of benefits



Financial Management

The success of our customers' business is one of our top priorities, For that sake, we are offering a significant feature , it is the Financial Management Feature . This feature assists you to manage your income , your expenses and your invoices in a straightforward and simple way , also you going to enjoy a lot of useful benefits to you



Products Management

Track inventory, sales of goods or services and manage sale related activities in a single place , See all of your products or services with all related information, like applied taxes and discounts. Bulk-manage them with just one click. PlanShell offers also a multi-currency support to simplify your sales for international clients



HR Management

PlanShell is offering a dedicated feature to manage your Human Resources , Now you have complete overview of your resources. See all users inside Redmine and manage them With use of tags and filters it is easier to find right people and manage your human resources smoother



Documents Management

PlanShell is offering an outstanding Document Management System Feature, you going to enjoy a lot of benefits

✔ Directory structure
✔ Document Versioning
✔ Document Locking
✔ Upload/Download facilities
✔ Custom workflow
✔ Document tagging



Track customer service department performance with SLA metrics: Avg. 1st response time, # of replies to close the ticket & ticket closing time, Let clients rate your agent's answers by clicking on happy, neutral or sad emotikon added after reply. Then track satisfaction with reports with fully customizable messages templates, also we support REST API



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